Corin Dalby

Chief Executive Officer


Our CEO and co-founder, Corin Dalby, has over 30 years’ experience in energy consultancy. His role is to help drive the business forward, whilst ensuring the team deliver excellent quality service to their clients.

What do you love about working at Box Power?

It’s great to be in a sector where you can make a difference and remove unfairness. I’m passionate about making this industry as transparent as possible – that’s why if I wasn’t doing this job, I would probably be busy bringing about a national campaign to MPs for the first £300 million generated from FSA banking fines each year to be sent straight to hospices to provide end of life care.

And what about when you are not campaigning for transparency with Box Power?

I like going out to eat and going to music concerts. I do a fair bit of travelling and would love to visit more countries – one of the coolest places I’ve been was Cyprus, where it was 80 degrees by the sea but after 30-minute drive up to the mountains you’d be able to go skiing!

Tricia Dalby

Chief Operating Officer


Our COO and c-founder Tricia Dalby is responsible for the overall smooth running of Box Power. This involves ensuring we are compliant in everything we do, balancing the books, forward planning, liaising with our charity partners and ensuring our team are happy, healthy, and motivated!

What do you love about working at Box Power?

The fact that we are collectively making a huge difference to people’s lives! Whether it’s our team, our clients, or our charity partners. The work is full-on, but the end result speaks for itself. But, if I wasn’t at Box Power, I would be creating a forever home for all the unwanted Cavalier King Charles Spaniels out there – or maybe that can be a plan for the future!

And what about when you are not making a difference with Box Power?

I love going out to eat, music concerts and theatre.  I’m also very busy dealing with five happy, waggy tailed Cavaliers at home! They have five very different personalities, and they all get very spoilt.

Claire Owen

Head of Risk & Client Retention


Our Head of Risk and Client Retention, Claire Owen, is the first point of contact for our clients for anything from complex trading and market intelligence, tendering and contracting, pricing options, new connections, and any queries.

Claire also guides and supports the account management team to ensure successful client management and retention is achieved at all levels.

What do you love about working at Box Power?

I enjoy the positive atmosphere within the office, we all work as part of a team to help our clients along with supporting our chosen charities which is amazing to be able to see that we can actually make a difference. I cannot imagine not working in the energy industry – it’s an industry that is ever changing and definitely keeps me on my toes.

And what about when you are not being kept on your toes at Box Power?

I enjoy spending time with my family, swimming and listening to music. As a family, we also love going to Florida and going to Disneyland! I also look forward to every morning before work, where I’m greeted by my Goldendoodle and my Labradoodle demanding breakfast!

Kirsty Treble

Head of the Complex Billing Team


Our Head of the Complex Billing Team, Kirsty Treble, and her team co-ordinate and validate all the billing that we get from or bureau clients. They use a variety of tolerance checks to ensure that everything they receive is accurate, and we work with clients and suppliers to solve any queries.

What do you love about working at Box Power?

Definitely the team – I’m surrounded by talented and supportive people, who work hard but also know how to have a great laugh. It’s also great to know that the work we do has such a positive impact in the wider community with all the donations the company makes to our partnered charities. I’m not sure where I would be if I wasn’t in the energy industry – but maybe something creative!

And what about when you are not managing your team at Box Power?

I enjoy visiting art galleries; I have been to almost every single one in Britain and have even visited a few in other countries. The Louvre is on my bucket list. I’ve also been to see a bit of art in nature – the Grand Canyon was absolutely stunning! But day-to-day, I’m busy getting cuddles from my Beagle, Bailey.

Benjamin Dalby

Pricing Analyst


Our Complex Billing Analyst, Benjamin Dalby, is in charge of inputting bills and data into spread sheets in an easy-to-read format ready to be sent off to tender.

What do you love about working at Box Power?

I enjoy the good and positive atmosphere within the office as it feels like a family. But if I wasn’t working at Box Power, I’d most likely work in the sales industry selling small products working my way up to a corporate sales manager buying and selling for a company.

And what about when you are not making a difference at Box Power?

I enjoy playing football, go-carting, swimming, and gaming. And day-to-day, talking to my girlfriend and hugging my favourite dog Minnie instantly makes my day better.

Joanne Low

Senior Complex Billing Analyst


Our Senior Complex Billing Analyst, Joanne Low, is in charge of completing the full bill validation for our large, multi-site clients, alongside being the day-to-day point of contact for queries.

What do you love about working at Box Power?

Definitely working alongside our amazing team and also supporting our chosen charities knowing that we are truly making a difference to people lives. Even if I didn’t work in the energy industry, I would always be working somewhere that made a difference.

And what about when you are not making a difference at Box Power?

In my free time, you’ll find me watching F1 (I’m a huge fan) and having cuddles with my Thai Ridgeback fur baby, Jinda!

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