Why Box Power?

We don’t need to be profit driven, so we’re extremely efficient and it enables us to be ultra-competitive on price.

At Box Power, we are setting the bar for transparency within the energy industry.

It all started when our CEO and well-known industry expert Corin Dalby, who had over 30 years of experience leading energy consultancies, wanted to give back to communities that are making the world a better place. And so, Box Power CIC was created.

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Drive down your energy bills

ESG Approved

When you move your energy to us, any profits you help generate go to deserving charities rather than undeserving shareholders.
In 2021, we donated a huge £800,000 to 24 charities, doubling their donation requests and changing the lives of the people they help.

Working with us proves it’s possible to drive down your energy bills and make ethical choices which is great news for your bottom line and your Corporate Social Responsibility credentials.
We show that ethics is profitable for companies – with us, your hard-earned money can go to bettering your business rather than wasted on hefty broker fees.

Box Power is setting a remarkable precedent for others