Full of energy know-how.

By working with our team of industry experts who have a wealth of experience across all sectors and sizes ensures you will have access to major expertise from day-1. Having annually traded 2,000,000,000 kwh’s, across all types of Flexible and Fixed contracts, then you will be in safe hands with a team who really can deliver whatever you desire. Today we procure for manjor energy users some of whom individually have 8-figure energy spends.

Every client is unique, with different budgetary needs and different levels of understanding. We take the time to explain the various options, so you can be confident you’re getting the most effective strategy for your business.

Energy contract options are numerous, but here are some of the most common ones.

Common contract options:

Primary Fixed – secured at the day of acceptance

Flexible Purchasing Fixed Price – where energy is purchased over a number of periods during a window of opportunity in advance of the start date

Flexible Purchasing Variable Price – where energy is purchased in advance of the start date and also during the course of the contract for any particular month, quarter or season

We believe each client is unique and will each have different budget needs and have a different level of understanding of energy purchasing.

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