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Ours is a gas and electricity business. But it’s also a people one. With our highly experienced consultants, not only do we find you the best prices, we also make sure we’re great to work with. That means giving you dedicated account teams, reliable service and face-to-face energy consultancy. So, as your needs change, our relationship keeps getting stronger.

We’re experienced at working with everyone from single site operators to 1,000+ multi-site operators and provide a wide range of services.

Some of our core services:

    • Bureau (Bill validation and bill management)
    • Group level energy usage and cost reporting (Easy to produce reports for any invoice or usage period. Common reports are for accruals, invoice versus budget, yearly variance etc.)
    • Site level online energy reporting
    • Half hourly reporting (Detailed half hourly reports for any half hourly or AMR supplies for any period)
    • Tenant billing
    • Cost recovery (Historical billing audits for energy, water or telecoms)


    • Our Energy Management activities are underpinned by the market leading software package, Energy Manager. Created by SystemsLink it provides us with the flexibility to provide a full suite of invoice validation on behalf of the Box Power Community as well as the power to run succinct and accurate energy reports to help engage the all important end users


Online Energy Reporting Example – at Site or Group Level.

Online Energy Reporting Example

Online Half-Hourly Usage Reporting Example.

Online Half-Hourly Usage Reporting Example

Ours is a gas and electricity business. But it’s also a people one.

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