Water Deregulation

With the Water market about to open, we are inviting a select number of waters users to take advantage & be included within our Ethical Bulk Water Tender from the UK’s only Not-for-Profit experts to do what we do.

As a social enterprise, we only exist to ensure that large water users secure the maximum cost savings available from the new Water Market AND FOR NO COST!

With our Guarantees & unique Ethical option, we are the logical choice to partner with as we can Guarantee that you will not have a cost benefit to use anyone else as we have nothing to hide.

As a one-of-a-kind Social Enterprise and due to its tender size, the suppliers are already keen to place our clients at the front of the queue for those within our Ethical Tender and with Special Rates & Contract terms.

What is happening? For the very first time ever, in April-17, every business within England will have the option to move onto new lower Water & Waste Water Rates, with both the incumbent & alternative suppliers.

What are the main benefits that could be offered from a new deal??
1. Lower Prices for both Water & Waste Water.
2. Also to win customers, suppliers will be looking to offer value added services such as Free Water audits to help identify areas for reduction savings etc.
3. Single supplier choice.
4. Consolidated e-Billing.
5. Improved account management.
6. Flat tariffs across all sites/areas.

What do you need from us?
Today we just need an email today from a decision maker to register your interest in being included within our bulk tender and we will then separately just arrange with one of your colleagues to provide a recent copy water/sewerage bill for each of your sites to invite@waterderegulation.org

What is your experience? We have major expertise and understanding of the water industry going back 20-yrs incl managing/process the bills for major groups including one client who had £5-mll p/yr water spends across 750 sites and which included securing £150,000 in rebates.

Corin DalbyWater Deregulation