Traffic Light Review

Do your deals carry Warning Flags!

Our Traffic Light Review helps decision makers quickly determine the True hidden cost to their business before they look at the next one!

The energy experts at not-for-profit Box Power, have now used their major industry experience and know-how, to create a unique software model which can now very quickly & accurately, re-engineer any gas deal, so that it can easily be stripped back down and then rebuilt back up so that it can easily be determined if it carry’s any Warning Flags!

All will be carried out on a complete confidential basis and requiring nothing more than a copy of the actual gas agreement!

Business groups will use a TPI because they: -
1. Trust their advice to secure the energy at a good point in the market.
2. Trust them to negotiate the lowest possible supplier margin with their buying expertise.
3. Trust them to only include fees which, even when undisclosed, are still fair and appropriate.

A RED Light indicates possible inappropriate buying and/or supplier/broker margins for its size and type, which are recommended to be reviewed & verified.
An AMBER Light indicates further clarity is potentially needed on either buying advice or margins.
A GREEN Light indicates no further action as good buying advice and appropriate supplier/broker margins in place.

Our review will take into account at meter level all the various Technicals to leave the only remaining, “unexplained” elements to be any Broker/Supplier charges; The analysis will include all Components; Elements (AQ/SOQ, LF-%, Meter size, Exit Zone, Commodity, MA, MR, UGC); Original wholesale prices on the day it was secured.

Corin DalbyTraffic Light Review